Q10 health benefits

The absorption of regular Q10 in our body is only 3-10%. In order to get the full benefit of Q10 particular health benefits, we need to improve its absorption.

Many people look for energy supplements. However, energy is nothing without defense. Q10 is both cellular energy and defense in one substance.

Since the discovery of Q10, science has learned how important this active agent is to human health and perhaps more importantly, how to prevent some of the problems that occur as a result of a Q10 shortage.
Q10 beneficial health effects are backed by more than 60 years of clinical research and by thousands of published studies.

Q10 heart health science
heart health
Q10 active seniors science
active seniors
Q10 mental energy science
mental energy
Q10 fertility science
fertility science
Q10 energy science
Q10 energy
Q10 antioxidant science
Q10 antioxidant
Dual Q10 mechanism: energy and antioxidant

Solubilized Q10 for super absorption

The absorption mechanism of lipophilic Q10 clearly shows that watersoluble Q10 is essential.

Certainly, it is not the oral intake, but the absorption that matters. Watersoluble Q10 has superior absorption versus the industry-standard softgel oil-based and versus generic crystalline Q10 powder capsules.

Only after absorption, Q10 can empower and protect our organs.

Q10 health benefits thanks to Q10 absorption.

Q10 supply chain

2Q2Q works with the best Q10 bioavailability technologies in the world. They can be found in

  • ◼ Japan: birthplace of the purest Q10
  • ◼ US: biggest Q10 market in the world
Q10 supply chain