Peter Lambrechts from 2Q2Q brings super absorbable Q10 for the new decennium

Peter Lambrechts is Q10 expert and started 2Q2Q in 2020.
Before founding 2Q2Q, Peter Lambrechts has helped companies in Europe and the Middle East launching their Q10 and ubiquinol food supplements, with commercial, scientific, or regulatory expert advice.

I started my own company 2Q2Q in 2020. Guess where the name comes from! Further, I am very proud to cooperate with the best Q10 experts in the world:

  • ◼ from Japan (birthplace of the purest all-natural Q10)
  • ◼ from the US (biggest Q10 market in the world)

2Q2Q will bring new generations of the best absorbable Q10 forms to Europe and surrounding territories. 

Third generation Q10 formulations that you can SEE being absorbed are now available:

All-natural third generation ubiquinol-Q10 stabilization and solubilization technology

Energy is nothing without defense

My story starts with my passion for the new future vitamin, coenzyme Q10. Q10 is a miracle health nutrient and safe because it is produced by our own body. Above all, Q10 is cellular energy and defense in one substance. Also, there are over one thousand peer-reviewed human studies and several dozen published books on Q10. 

2Q2Q Peter Lambrechts and Q10
2Q2Q Peter Lambrechts and Q10 for cellular ENERGY and DEFENSE 

Q10 paper from Professor Littarru and Peter Lambrechts

I am proud to have co-published a Q10 overview paper together with one of the most respected Q10 scientists of this era, Professor Gian Paolo Littarru, former president of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association.


2Q2Q focus on Q10 Solubilization and absorption

I learned that consumers find it difficult to understand the difference between Q10 and ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is another form of Q10 in our body. It is also available as a supplement. Even doctors are confused about the difference between the two forms of Q10.

On the other hand, consumers do well understand the difference between fatsoluble food supplements (such as vitamins A, D, E, K, and Q10) with low absorption, and the same solubilized versions, with much higher absorption. It is not a matter of how much Q10 you take, but how much you absorb.

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★ Q10 is good (if absorbed) ★

Peter Lambrechts, Founder 2Q2Q