Tishcon ActiveQ Ubiquinol 100mg x 60 softgels

Key Product Features

100% Pure Kaneka Ubiquinol

Active Antioxidant Form of Q10

Patented Enhanced Stability

Promotes Heart Health and Energy Production

6 Months Supply of TISHCON ActiveQ Ubiquinol

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Product description

Bio-Q-Sorb ActiveQ is different – it is Kaneka Ubiquinol Q10 that is stabilized with Tishcon’s patented process to guarantee 100% Ubiquinol content! So if you want the most potent Ubiquinol Q10 available, you want the 100% Ubiquinol Q10 – you want Bio-Q-Sorb ActiveQ. Most commercially available Q10 uses Ubiquinone — the fully oxidized form of Coenzyme Q10. More than 99% of the circulating CoQ10 in our body is present as Ubiquinol. TISHCON ActiveQ uses Ubiquinol the “active” antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10 and is now available in a new 180-Count Bottle with a 100mg per softgel dosage. Popular 100mg per softgel dosage size in a new, 180-count bottle. (Soy free!)