Drivers Friend® 36 count bottle

Driver’s Friend key product features

Originally developed for truck drivers to stay awake during driving

Two mocha-flavored chewable tablets tablets are equivalent to one cup of coffee per serving and provides immediate energy that lasts up to 4-6 hours

No water needed

Made in USA in a cGMP Certified Facility

Proprietary formula with caffeine, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, with less sugar and with patented HydroQsorb Q10 for highest absorption

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Driver’s Friend product details 

Given the demand for a highly convenient and healthy option for consumers who want an occasional boost in energy and mental acuity, we created Driver’s Friend® Energy Chews formula.

In addition to the caffeine equivalent to one 250 ml cup of coffee, we formulated Driver’s Friend Energy Chews with our patented HydroQsorb® Q10. Nutritionists have called Q10 the “energy of life”. Our HydroQsorb® Q10 provides up to 18 times more absorption of ordinary Coenzyme Q10. There is no other energy shot, drink, supplement, or chew in the marketplace that contains this revolutionary, powerful, and very beneficial ingredient. The simple energy chew form eliminates the need for bottles, cans, and cups – it’s extremely convenient and has less environmental impact. Many consumers just want to be alert and focused. They don’t want the high levels of sugar found in traditional energy chews. Instead of excess sugar, we added B-Complex vitamins, and magnesium.

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