TISHCON ChewQ Q10 key product features

Patented HydroQsorb Enhanced Absorption Q10 (18X higher)

Sugar-Free (Xylitol) Tablets

Pleasant Tasting, mildly Sweet, Natural Orange Flavor

Very stable through several Freeze-Thaw Cycles. In fact, TISHCON ChewQ Q10 is

Stable in the North Pole in the Winter and the Sahara Desert in the Summer!

All-Natural, all-Vegetarian, no artificial ingredients

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TISHCON ChewQ Q10 product description

ChewQ® 100mg is a highly bioavailable chewable solid dosage form of high potency natural Coenzyme Q10. It has a pleasant tasting, mildly sweet, natural orange flavor. Chew Q® is very stable through several freeze-thaw cycles. In fact, it is stable in Alaska in the winter and the Sahara Desert in the summer!

  • ChewQ® is 100% Natural.
  • ChewQ® is 100% Vegetarian.
  • ChewQ® contains No artificial ingredients.
  • ChewQ® is Sugar-Free.
  • ChewQ® is Soy Free.

TISHCON ChewQ® Q10 is more than just a convenient form of Q10 for those who have trouble swallowing softgels and capsules. ChewQ® uses perhaps the most advanced Q10 formulation in the world.
The Tishcon Corporation, pioneers of Q10 technology, created, among their many enhanced absorption formulas, the patented Gamma Cyclodextrin HydroQSorb® delivery system.

What is Gamma Cyclodextrin in Tishcon ChewQ?

Cyclodextrins are bucket-shaped oligosaccharides produced from starch by an enzymatic process.
Due to their unique size, shape, and molecular structure, cyclodextrins are able to hold/ entrap Coenzyme Q10 molecules in their internal cavities. The resulting complex (HydroQSorb®) facilitates the dissolution of Q10 in aqueous media (in the watery bloodstream), thereby enhancing its absorption.
Studies have shown that HydroQSorb® Gamma Cyclodextrin Q10 enhances absorption up to 1800% over standard Q10.
So remember, TISHCON ChewQ® Q10 is much more than just a convenient form of Q10, it is one the purest, most bio-available forms on the planet!

ChewQ® 100mg tablet
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