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TISHCON QGel® ETS® MEGA 100 Coenzyme Q10 are Hydrosoluble Enhanced Absorption Formula Q10 softgels

Proudly Made in a cGMP Certified US Facility

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TISHCON QGel ETS product description

The world’s first Water Soluble Q10 is now available in ETS version.

Unlike most other forms of Q10, this new 100mg Hydrosoluble™ Q10 (as Q-Gel® ETS® Mega) passes the USA test for dissolution. Most other forms of Q10 exhibit dissolution levels of less than 5%. (Compare that to Q-Gel’s® 100% dissolution!).

Therefore, taking just one Q-Gel® CoQ10 softgel provides blood CoQ10 levels which are several times higher than those achieved with other CoQ10 products. You can SAVE money and take fewer softgels.

TISHCON QGel® ETS® MEGA 100 Coenzyme Q10 is a Hydrosoluble™ Q10 formulation that promotes Heart Health and Energy Production. This formulation that has been been for many years, the preferred dosage form of Coenzyme Q10 recommended by many physicians and cardiologists in USA is now improved.

Its absorption is not dependent on the food you eat and it provides effective serum levels at lower dosages. You take less… TISHCON QGel® ETS® MEGA 100 Coenzyme Q10 does more!

ETS® (Easy To Swallow)
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