Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels®


180 softgels. 2 month supply

Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels®
Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels®


Easy-to-Swallow Softgels®

Clinically tested and designed to quell the insidious flames of destructive, silent inflammation.

◼ Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® help to relieve:

 Chronic Muscle Pain

 Joint Discomfort

 Systemic Inflammation

EVNol Tocotrienols
EVNol Tocotrienols
ETS® (Easy To Swallow)
ETS® (Easy To Swallow)

Q10 and Vitamin Supplements for Europe 

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Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® summary

The function of Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® is to free you from the underlying causes of all that ails you. Chronic inflammation is both a symptom and a cause of many long-term diseases. Freedom Softgels® presents an appealing remedy that consumers can rely on without the concerns caused by long-term use of steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Freedom Softgels® are a ground-breaking product showing statistically significant results in a short period of time. The benefits will appeal to people with a broad range of health concerns.

A comprehensive, proprietary formula combining the highest quality branded, proprietary, patented ingredients whose integrated benefits far exceed the sum of their parts.

Every ingredient is “the star ingredient”—each one a stand-out in its “field”, hand-selected for purity, potency, and optimal bioavailability and bioefficiency.

clinically proven to fight inflammation and improve cardiovascular health in just 28 days:

   – Lowers CRP and IL-6

   – Lowers blood pressure to normal range

   – Improves the elasticity of the blood vessels

   – Significant increase in omega-3 index

A second 90 day RCT gold standard study is underway

◼ Clinically proven Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® are new in Europe and promoted on nutraceutical exhibitions and in European Nutraceuticals Now magazine


Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® GMP quality

Manufactured in a cGMP Certified USA Facility by:
Gel-Tec, Division of Tishcon Corp. 
30 New York Ave, Westbury, NY 11590 USA


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