NADH Original Instant Power® – Original patent formula Stabilized NADH 20mg- 30 lozenges


Stabilized NADH with a high level of bioavailability

The sublingual form is the only one that enables fast and effective absorption

More energy for everyday challenges

Excellent support during all kinds of efforts.

Natural biological anti-aging


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NADH Original Instant Power product description

NADH is an extremely reactive substance that degrades rapidly. This patented stabilized form of NADH ensures full availability of NADH content at least until the end of the product’s shelf life.

Optimal absorption can only be ensured with stabilized products in the form of sublingual lozenges,  which melt under the tongue. This enables direct absorption into the bloodstream and immediate effect.

NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydride) is a natural, body-own substance, more simply known as coenzyme 1. It is a biological form of hydrogen that, upon reaction with oxygen, creates ATP ( energy for every cell in our body). In the body, the most NADH is found in the heart, brain, and muscles, which are also our biggest energy consumers. NADH participates in over 1000 metabolic reactions that constantly take place in the body. The more ATP energy is available to the cells, the better they can work and, consequently, the longer they live.

Although the highest concentration of NADH is found in raw meat. NADH is however sensitive to light, temperature and the presence of oxygen. Most NADH is destroyed during food preparation. In addition, NADH is sensitive to stomach acid, which is one of the reasons that there is practically no absorption and no effect by consuming NADH in capsule form. Only the patented sublingual formulation provides stabilized and bioavailable NADH that the body can actually absorb and use.

NADH Original Instant Power® lingual tablets contribute to the release of energy, the functioning of the nervous system, and psychological functioning. These are especially useful for athletes who need extra energy and for all those who notice frequent fatigue and a drop in energy. Due to their effect on the nervous system, they are also appreciated by everyone who wants to increase concentration and improve memory, and at the same time, NADH is the only substance with a scientifically proven anti-aging effect.


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