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Dr Langsjoen CoQ10 presentation at ICQA 2022 Hamburg Conference – 40 Years of unmatched CoQ10 Research and Clinical Practice for Heart Failure

Dr. Peter Langsjoen, the world’s foremost expert on CoQ10 in cardiac diseases, gave a milestone presentation at the ICQA 2022 Hamburg Conference. His presentation titled “Practical Use of CoQ10 in Heart Failure Including Statin-Associated Cardiomyopathy” covered a lot of unpublished experience and information that will be beneficial to those seeking to improve their cardiovascular health.…

Coenzyme Q10 in health and disease

Coenzyme Q10 in health and disease; new book from Prof. Dr. Anna Gvozdjáková Coenzyme Q10 in health and disease is the title of the new Q10 book from Prof. Dr. Anna Gvozdjáková, Ph.D., DSc. From the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava/Slovakia.  The book is in the Slovak language.  This is only 2 years…

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