Virtual food Ingredients Europe

Food Ingredients Europe 2020 in a virtual edition from 23 November until 4 December. Tishcon is happy to announce its participation to introduce enhanced absorption Q10 to the European food supplement market. We are looking forward to connect, exchange knowledge and carry on business with key players in the international food supplement industry. 

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Let us meet at Food Ingredients Europe 2020 to discuss your next softgel, tablet bulk packs, also labeled in your packaging according to your specifications and register free of charge via the following link:.

Tishcon at Food Ingredients Europe 2020
Tishcon at Food Ingredients Europe 2020

Enhanced absorption Q10

Finally available in Europe for business meetings at Food Ingredients Europe 2020. Tishcon Corp. (US) is the largest manufacturer of enhanced absorption finished dosage forms of Q10 and Kaneka ubiquinol in the world. The first company to develop a hydrosoluble CoQ10 over two decades ago.  CEO Raj Chopra was teacher pharmacy at Columbia Univ & is the most cited author on Q10 bioavailability.

Tishcon Maryland bottling & tableting facility
Tishcon Maryland bottling & tableting facility

Tishcon Corp. was founded in Westbury, NY, by Raj Chopra, Vipin Patel and others in 1976 as a contract manufacturer of bulk products, mostly for mail order marketers and wholesalers. Over the years, the company has expanded to offer a full line of services: from packaging and labeling to new product development. A second location, in Salisbury, MD, was established in 1984.

Presently, co-founder Raj Chopra serves as CEO. Chopra has an extensive background in various disciplines related to the nutraceutical, vitamin and supplement industry. In addition to previous work with contract manufacturers, Chopra has expertise in formulation, product development, nutrition research and food technology. This range of experience has given the company a strong basis for expanding its product offerings.

Today, Tishcon operates facilities in New York and Maryland. Westbury is the home to softgel encapsulation facilities, research and development (R&D) laboratories and quality control (QC) testing labs. The Salisbury operation houses encapsulation and tableting operations, as well as all bottling, packaging and distribution. A satellite laboratory in Maryland handles QC testing during production. All purchasing and accounting functions are also located in the Salisbury facility.

  • The most bioavailable Coenzyme Q10 oral supplement available today
  • The developers of the world’s number one selling CoQ10 supplement
  • FDA regulated facility and one of the United States most respected manufacturers of dietary supplements, vitamins and OTC products
  • All manufacturing in the US in cGMP/NSF certified facilities
  • Member of CoQ10 Association, GOED (Omega 3), CRN (Council For Responsible Nutrition), ABC (American Botanical Council), NPA (Natural Products Association), AHPA (American Herbal Products Association)
  • Inspected and certified by NSF, NPA/UL


Anti inflammation supplements

Tishcon is launching FREEDOM ANTI-INFLAMMATION ETS Softgels® at Food Ingredients Europe 2020. The function of Freedom ETS Softgels® Anti-Inflammation supplements is to free you from the underlying causes of all that ails you.

Chronic inflammation is both a symptom and a cause of many long-term diseases. Freedom Softgels® present an appealing remedy that consumers can rely on without the concerns caused by long-term use of steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Freedom Softgels® are a ground-breaking product showing statistically significant results in a short period of time. The benefits will appeal to people with a broad range of health concerns.

Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels®
Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels® |

Energy tablets that work

At Food Ingredients Europe 2020 you will also find Tishcon DRIVER’S FRIEND® energy chew tablets that work. Given the demand for a highly convenient and healthy option for consumers who want an occasional boost in energy and mental acuity, we created Driver’s Friend Energy Chews.

In addition to the caffeine equivalent to one 250 ml cup of coffee, we formulated Driver’s Friend Energy Chews with our patented HydroQsorb® CoEnzyme Q10. Nutritionists have called Q10 the “energy of life“. Our HydroQsorb® CoEnzyme Q10 provides up to 18 times more absorption of ordinary Coenzyme Q10. There is no other energy shot, drink, supplement, or chew in the marketplace that contains this revolutionary, powerful, and very beneficial ingredient.

The simple energy chew tablet form eliminates the need for bottles, cans, and cups – it’s extremely convenient and has less environmental impact. Many consumers just want to be alert and focused. They don’t want the high levels of sugar found in traditional energy chews. Instead of excess sugar, we added B-Complex vitamins, and magnesium.

Drivers Friend® 36 count bottle
Drivers Friend® 36 count bottle