Superior absorbable Q10 for the new decennium

undefined is established in 2020 by a few Q10 absorption enthusiasts.

Q10 absorption and health benefits supply chain
Supply chain
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3rd generation vegan solubilization technology for bioavailability-enhanced and clinically tested Kaneka Q10 & ubiquinol
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 The makers of QGEL® and the largest manufacturer of bio enhanced finished dosage forms of Q10 and ubiquinol

Freedom Anti-Inflammation ETS Softgels®
Driver’s Friend® Energy Chews
Enhanced Absorption Q10
Kaneka Ubiquinol

undefined masters the business, regulatory and scientific matters of Q10 and ubiquinol-Q10 market. Brings in a network of contacts, experience, know-how, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) connections.

undefined works with the best absorbable forms of anti-oxidant Q10 that cross the Unstirred Water Layer barrier. 

undefined founder USP is confirmed by several breakthrough projects and by multiple recommendations from the industry: from Kaneka-Directors, from business and scientific contacts.

Q10 is cellular ENERGY and DEFENSE for organ POWER and PROTECTION

Peter Lambrechts