Superior absorbable Q10 for the new decennium

undefined is established in 2020 by a few Q10 absorption enthusiasts

undefined business for the European and Middle East food supplement markets

2Q2Q for q10 absorption expertise and support
Q10 supply chain

undefined masters the business, regulatory and scientific matters of Q10 and ubiquinol-Q10 market niche in Europe and the Middle East. Brings in a network of contacts, experience, know-how, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) connections.

undefined works with the best absorbable forms of anti-oxidant Q10 that cross the Unstirred Water Layer barrier 

undefined USP is confirmed by several breakthrough projects and by multiple recommendations from the industry: from Kaneka-Directors, from business and scientific contacts

Q10 is cellular ENERGY and DEFENSE for organ POWER and PROTECTION

Peter Lambrechts